Breakout Student Promo - updated 2020 RM28

Enjoy Your Student Privilege

Book Breakout NU Sentral and choose from 7 theme rooms. Payment upon arrival.

Form a team of 2-8 people and pick your desired theme room and book the time slot available.

Breakout Team Building Activity | Escape wthin 45 mins

Arrive 5 minutes early for payment, registration and payment.

Breakout Team Building Activity | Team Work

Breakout within 1 hour and enjoy the experience with your squad.


Please enter a valid contact number as we will contact you for booking confirmation through Whatsapp or SMS.

For any on-going promotion without voucher code, please proceed to make a regular booking as the discount will be given at our store during payment.

No payment required to make a booking. Payment is to be made at our store.

Please read and understand our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice before booking.

We kindly request that you arrive 5 minutes early for registration and briefing.

Please note that we reserve the rights to cancel your booking, delay your booking (subject to the availability on the day itself) should you arrive later than the game time you have reserved, unless you agree to have your game time being shorten.

Please wear appropriate clothing. Skirts and heels are not recommended as there is crawling involved or minor physical activity involved.

Breakout prohibits the use of drugs and alcohol in the Breakout Premises and has the rights to refuse you entry to Breakout Premises if Breakout has reason to believe that you are under the influence of drug and/or alcohol

If you need further information, please Whatsapp us here.