What are Breakout characters? What are their roles in our escape room? Each character comes with its own superpower that can be unleashed to help you complete the game. Your team can even strategise a gameplay before it starts. Characters are only available at Breakout Avenue K and NU Sentral in KL.


This played is given the ability to kill a teammate to obtain an answer for the current puzzle. The killed teammate will be handcuffed at the entrance of the game room for 8 minutes. It is only applied to characters that have not been used.

The Gemini

This player is given the ability to duplicate all the characters except the Assassin and Lockmaster.


This player is given the ability to revive the character that has killed by Assassin along with their abilities. Healer is only allowed to save 1 person and its ability can only be used once.

The Lightbringer

A Torchlight will be granted to this played as a light source. Torchlight could be used as often as possible during the gameplay or could be exchanged to obtain hint.


A Passcode will be given to this player to unlock a specific lock in the room. The passcode can be exchanged to obtain a hint if unutilized.

The Oracle

The oracle is given the privilege of taking a glance of the game room as if they can see the future. There are roughly 10 photos are shown to this player before the start of the game, all pointing to the important aspects of the game play. Therefore, his/her duty is to help the team to stay focused during the game and pinpoint the decisive objects for solving the corresponding puzzles.

The Scholar

Scholar is given the ability to look into the room and know the level of difficulty and physical requirement of the puzzles is given to this player. It’s also including the total number puzzles to be solved.

Time Bender

Additional 5 minutes will be given to this player and it can be exchanged for a hint. Should this extra 5 minutes not being utilize a hint then it will be added into the time after the initial 45 minutes is over.